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All the information you would put on a printed invitation and more room for extra information. Your invitation details such as date, time, loction, etc are a good place to start from. Insert location maps for easy navigation, RSVP contacts and extra information to rally your guest for that special day. We have lots of themes and settings to suit the demands of any invitation and event.

NO! . You only have to share the invitation link with your invited guests and they can access your invitation on any web browser either on phone or laptop. No app download required; your special invitation is just a click away.

Yes, we've got you covered. We acknowlegde some events are special and only invitees are welcomed. Upload contacts of the people you wish to invite and they will be the only ones to supmit RSVPs.

Through Invyts you are able to take cash gifts within the country and beyond; mobile money across all networks as well as debit and credit cards. Cash gifts are accumulated and transferred to a mobile money account you prefer after marking the event as ended. Payout claims take 2 working days to process and we charge and industry standard fee of 3% to process funds to you.

We believe every event is unique with special demands. Setup your event and choose which settings work best for the special day. Allow or disallow cash gifting, RSVP limiting, messages limiting and many other settings to meet the demands of your event.

Of course you can! We’re always adding new templates designed with modern style in mind; feel free to switch things up anytime. Make sure your site vibes with your event and be creative to stand out.

Absolutely! You can edit your invitation website whenever and wherever you want, even after you share it with your guests. There are so many beautiful designs to pick from to match your color scheme (and your wedding invitations), we're sure you'll find just the one made for your own wedding, naming ceremony, funeral, etc

Absolutely! We have an amazing support team that works hard around the clock, every day of the week, including weekends, to make sure that your questions are answered. You can chat with us on Whatspp by clicking this link +233 55 339 8042


My page looked superb, and I didn't have to worry about reminding my guests or directing them on the wedding day. If I ever had to get married again, I'd definitely use it the second time too.


Martin Owusu


Baby Ansu will forever be grateful to Invyts. It was easy taking donations on my sons naming ceremony page. I loved reading the well wishes that came through too. Invyts is the future of celebrating ceremonies indeed


Jessica Ansu


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